P. Glansdorff's Thermodynamic Theory of Structure, Stability and PDF

By P. Glansdorff

ISBN-10: 0471302805

ISBN-13: 9780471302803

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1851, On the oscillations of a suspension cable, Transactions ofthe Cambridge Philosophical Society, 9, 379-398. ), MacMillan and Co, London. S. , 1953, Modes of vibration of a suspended chain, Quarterly Journal ofMechanics and Applied Mathematics, 6, 273-285. C. , 1987, The role of nonlinear theories in transient dynamics analysis of flexible structures, Journal ofSound and Vibration, 119,487-508. Simo, lC. , 1991, A geometrically-exact rod model incorporating shear and torsion-warping deformation, International Journ al ofSolids and Structures, 27, 371-393.

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Consider another left decomposition as Y ·R=B=Y ·R, from which However, R ·R T =1 gives R- I =R T =iF _yT -(y-If =iF . , Y = yT and (y-I)T = y -I ). Taking inverse of tensor R-I gives Comparison of two expressions of R gives (y-I . Y- y . y -I) . R = O. Further, (V - I -Y- V · V-I) . R-RT = 0 => V-I . V = V . V-I. So V -V = V . V => V = V . From R = V-I -V . R , one obtains R = R . Therefore, the left decomposition is unique. Similarly, the uniqueness for the right decomposition can be proved .

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