Feininger on Photography by Andreas Feininger PDF

By Andreas Feininger

Feininger On images, by way of Feininger, Andreas

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«Pitié pour l. a. viande! Il n''y a pas de doute, l. a. viande est l''objet le plus haut de los angeles pitié de Bacon, son seul objet de pitié, sa pitié d''Anglo-Irlandais. Et sur ce aspect, c''est comme pour Soutine, avec son colossal pitié de Juif. los angeles viande n''est pas une chair morte, elle a gardé toutes les souffrances et pris sur soi toutes les couleurs de l. a. chair vive.

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Of these, 16 hatchlings were banded and these birds were known to have migrated to the Aransas refuge in Texas in the same winter. With the discovery of the nesting grounds and the protection afforded to this area the number of cranes gradually increased but then several setbacks occurred. In 1973 scientists were alarmed that of the 59 birds counted in 1971 only 43 were still alive. Snowstorms were known to have caused oc- casional losses, but such a drastic reduction was frightening and even today remains unexplained.

The fishermen now live in huts built on high stilts and they do not hunt the deer and other mammals on which the monitors feed, but the clearing of land to make way for new housing and increased tourism may become future threats to their existence. It is also feared that mineral deposits may be discovered on the island, a prospect that would alter the situation at once. But however much the Western zoological community may dream of having additional monitors for exhibition, until such time that their requirements are better understood, and they are able to successfully reproduce in captivity, it is best if this prehistoric beast is left protected on the islands to which it is native.

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Feininger on Photography by Andreas Feininger

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