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L, / \ , d) =, ~ ~ J\ + :Ji 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 10,8, 6,4,2 4 ,5,6,7,8 2, 4,6,8, )0 _* 31 UNIT 3 build up (1); Numbe rs 11-99 These are easy to read because Ihey are logically made from combinations of the il* numbers 1- 10. It is nOI neccessary to write them all oul for you, but here are the numbers 11- 21 (in sequence) to give you an idea of how it works. +- . +=. +=. I. +li. +1\. +1::. =+. =+- +JI.. +1L. Can you see the pattern? ,... 20 is made up of a 2 in front of a 10: Remcmber the order like this: 2 x 10 (:::: 20).

A) The woman (fe male person) ate some bamboo shoots (bamboo children). (lit. ) b) The girl (female child) rested on Saturday. (lit. ) 50 BEGINNER'S JAPANESE SCRIPT c) Mr Yamada (Mountain-rice field) sold his car. (lit. ) d) The boy (male c hild) likes horses. (lit. ) e) The woman (female person) studied Japanese. (lit. ) f) Mr Hayashi (Wood) talked to Mrs Morita (Forest-rice field) . (lit. ) g) The man (male person) looked at the moon. (lit. ) How did you gct on? Check your answers _* hoolc build up In this section yOll will be introduced to some new compound words.

UNIT 3 I) + - fl+- a 2) t<;fl + J\. l a 6fl24a 3fl31 a c) 6fllsa d) llfllla e)Sfl2 1a f) lofl2a a) b) Dates are most often written with Arabic numeral s but not always. 3) Now write out the dates 1- 6 (in (2» in English . MliIt::::. ~ (nengO) or era names. An era is defined by the length o f rule of each Emperor. 3fJ& (Heisel) which means ' Attainment of Peace'. The previous era was called 1Il);fn (ShOwa) which means 'Enlightened Peace'. Once an Emperor has died, he is referred to by the name of his era.

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