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Note, once a nominal plant is chosen, it must be used for determining all the bounds B ( j ) . R i Fig. 13. 10 Disturbance bounds B ( j ) : CASE 1 D i Two disturbance inputs are shown in Fig. 7. It is assumed that only one disturbance input exists at a time. Both cases are analyzed. CASE 1 [ d2 (t )  D0 u1 (t ), d1 (t )  0 ] CONTROL RATIO. From Fig. 7 , the disturbance control ratio for input d (t ) is 2 TD ( s )  1 1L (23) Substituting L  1 /  into Eq. (23) yields TD ( s )   1 (24) this equation has the mathematical format required to use the NC.

6. Quantitative Feedback Theory and Its Application in UAV’s Flight Control 41 Fig. 5. Closed-loop responses: LTI plants with G(s) Fig. 6. Closed-loop responses: LTI plants with G(s) and F(s) Therefore, the QFT robust design technique assures that the desired performance specifications are satisfied over the prescribed region of structured plant parametric uncertainty. 3. , J . The log magnitude changes in a prescribed range due to the plant parameter uncertainty. 2 Closed-loop formulation The control ratio TL of the unity-feedback system of Fig.

Thus, only the gain K has a significant effect on the high-frequency response, and the effect of the other parameter uncertainty is negligible. Also, the importance of minimizing the high-frequency loop gain is to minimize the effect of sensor noise whose spectrum, in general, lies in the high-frequency range. For the plant of Eq. (17), the shaping of L ( j ) is shown by the dashed curve in Fig. 15. A point such as Lm L ( j 2) must be on or above the curve labeled B ( j 2) . Further, in order to satisfy the specifications, L ( j ) cannot violate the U-contour.

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