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By North G.R., Erukhimova T.L.

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This textbook provides a uniquely built-in strategy in linking either physics and chemistry to the learn of atmospheric thermodynamics. The e-book explains the classical legislation of thermodynamics, makes a speciality of numerous fluid platforms, and, spotting the expanding significance of chemistry within the meteorological and weather sciences, devotes a bankruptcy to chemical thermodynamics such as an outline of photochemistry. even if scholars are anticipated to have a few history wisdom of calculus, normal chemistry and classical physics, the publication offers set-aside refresher bins as worthy reminders. It includes over a hundred diagrams and graphs to complement the discussions, and an analogous variety of labored examples and workouts, with strategies integrated on the finish of the e-book. it truly is excellent for a single-semester complicated path on atmospheric thermodynamics, and may arrange scholars for higher-level synoptic and dynamics classes.

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Its speed upon impact is v0 = 2gh. The momentum change on a reflection is 2m0 v0 = 2m0 2gh. The force exerted on the floor is then 2m0 v0 / t; t is the time for a round trip up and back down by the molecule. We finally obtain, F= 2m0 2gh 2 2h/g = m0 g. 45) In other words, the average force on the floor is just the weight of the bouncing molecule. Note that the result is independent of the initial dropping height h. Is it any wonder that atmospheric pressure measures the weight of air in the column above a square meter?

69 × 1025 molecules m−3 . This value is called the Loschmidt number. 1 Intermolecular spacing The approximate intermolecular distance can be found by taking the molecules at an instant of time to be uniformly distributed in space with number density n0 . Place a cube around each molecule in the gas. Then each molecule sits at the center of a cube of side length d . The number of these cubes per unit volume is n0 . 34 nm (at STP). 1 nm (several tens of times less than the intermolecular distance).

What are the criteria for a reaction to proceed one way or another? How are chemical equilibria between reactants and products established and how do these equilibrium concentrations vary as the temperature varies? Notes A complete bibliography is given at the end of the book. All university level physics books contain a few chapters on thermodynamics; the numerous editions of Sears and Zemanski as well as those of Halliday and Resnick and the one by Giancoli are good examples. Many general chemistry books also contain a good description 18 Introductory concepts of the subject, for example, Whitten, Davis and Peck (1996).

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