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1 : 3'o _'o'.... ,..... ----Lapse Rate -_o _ ''"' 30 BO '-' 0o Latitude Figure 1. The upper panels show GCM surface temperature response (heavy black) and radiative forcing (heavy red), for 2% solar constant and doubled CO 2 expertmants, respectively. The blue, grey, purple, and magenta lines represent feedback contributions to the equilibrium temperature change from water vapor, snow/ice, cloud, and advective feedbacks, respectively. The green line is the sum of individual AT Iresponses computed separately, while the yellow line is the combined response, AT t, to all constituent changes taken together.

10"6 0 , J-. 701 725 Rgure lb. 12 750 775 800 • 825 850 875 Wavenumber (cm") Difference in spectral radiances of Figure la, cloud- clear. 900 925 950 975 1000 ClearSkies resultsobtained from LBLRTM. The resultsat thisstage of the effort indicate that the treatment of the continuum and and very limited spectral regions, errors in the CKD continuum may be significant. the k-distributions for the line contribution in this rapid model not consistent with LBLRTM. At the there isare a difference of 10 w/m2 in the net flux for surface, the mid- To address this situation and to improve overall accuracy of atmospheric radiance calculations,we have developed an improvedbutpreliminarywater vapor continuummodel, designated CKD-I.

K . ,J . ,,_ . 1080 1180 1280 i , A ,...... , 1380 1480 1580 Wavenumbsr (cm-1) , , 1680 nl _ ii, ii i. Figure31). SpectralresidualsfromthedifferenceoftheobservationofFigure3a and anLBLRTMcalculationusingthe CKDcontinuum. v v,v,q, _ ............. z,,zi[ ' ............. ,, , , .......... i'_;" '''_';''_ , .... 1680 1780 1880 Rgure 3¢, SpectralresidualsfromthedifferenceoftheobservationofFigure3a andan LBLRTMcalculationusingthe CKD-1continuum. 16 ClearSkies References II Buroh,D. E. 1981. Rap. AFGL-TR-81-0300, 32 pp.

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