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By Donald Kirschenbaum

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02 N KOH. L. Gemmill, Arch. Biochem. , 6,3, 192 (1956). COMMENTS: Reaction of casein with iodine in alkaline solution. 32 mg/50 ml. Curves 1-5: increasing amounts of iodine added to casein solution. Curve 6 no iodine. Curve 7 no casein. NAME: Caseinogen SOURCE: EXPERIMENTAL CONDITIONS: Solvent- N/5O NaOH. R E F E R E N C E : Tabulae Biologicae Periodicae, 12, 304, Fig. 54 (1937). 5, 25 0 C. R E F E R E N C E : C ' Tanford and R. Lovrien, J. Am. , 84, 1892 (1962). 51 mg/ml. pH 7. 5, at various times after mixing.

Urea denatured carboxymethyl-catalase. WAVELENGTH (m/u) Catalase SOURCE: Bovine liver EXPERIMENTAL CONDITIONS: ABSOKBAMCf NAME: Solvent— WAVELENGTH (m/t) COMMENTS: Curve A: Native catalase. Curve B: Acid denatured. Curve C: Reconstituted. 71%. 60%. AOSO#OAHC£ R E F E R E N C E : T. Samejima and U . T . Yang, J. Biol. , 238, 3256 (1963). 1. 8. T. Herskovitz, Arch. Bipchem. , 130, 19 (1969). COMMENTS: Curve a: Native catalase. Curve b: 8 M urea denatured. Curve c: Acid denatured. 0, 23 C. REFERENCE: A.

Curve 3: 2 hours after adding 6 x 10" M sodium benzoate. 3. REFERENCE: Y - Miyake, K. Aki, S. Hashimoto, and T. { Yamano, Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 105, 86 (1965). COMMENTS: Wavelength (myu) NAME: Curve 1: Apoenzyme Curve 2: Holoenzyme Curve 3: Holoenzyme reduced with DL-alanine. 3 mg per ml in visible spectrum. 3. REFERENCE: K. Yagi, M. Naoi, M. Harade, K. Okamura, H. Hidaka, T. Ozawa and A. Kotaki, J. Biochem. Tokyo, 61, 550 (1967). 055%. 5, 2O 0 C. REFERENCE' ^- Antonini, M. R. Bruzzesi, E. Chiancone an4 V.

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