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E. when there is no heat interaction or the state when two (thermometer and body) attain same temperature. In this process it is to be noted that thermometer is already caliberated using some standard reference points by bringing thermometer in thermal equilibrium with reference states of the substance. Zeroth law of thermodynamics states that if the bodies A and B are in thermal Thermal equilibrium by Zeroth law equilibrium with a third body C separately Body A Body B then the two bodies A and B shall also be in thermal equilibrium with each other.

5 shows a constant pressure gas thermometer having a silica bulb ‘B’ connected to Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics ___________________________________________________ 45 the reservoir ‘R’ containing mercury through a connecting tube ‘A’, compensating bulb ‘C’ having a compensating tube with volume equal to the connecting tube. Manometer tube contains sulphuric acid. A Silica bulb B C R Reservoir Manometer Compensating bulb Fig. 5 Constant pressure gas thermometer Initially the reservoir is filled with mercury upto zero marking and the stop cock is closed.

10. 11. 60 The methodology adopted was to first develop a temperature measurement system which could show some change in its characteristics (property) due to heat interactions taking place with it. Such systems are called thermometers, the characteristics of property which shows change in its value is termed thermometric property and the substance which shows change in its thermometric property is called thermometric substance. Science that deals with the temperature and its measurement is called thermometry.

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