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Only if such efforts ultimately fail can we conclude that some aspects of foreign language performance cannot be successfully taught by PSI. 3. To what extent can an automated audio-visual presentation device aid in teaching foreign language skills? It is inconceivable that the success achieved in the present experiment could have been achieved without some sort of audio-visual presentation, at least the kind of presentation that could be made by an ordinary tape recorder correlated with the visual presentation afforded by, let us say, a "programmed text".

Than of programmed instruction as such. It is difficult to know to what extent these comments were biased by the fact that the subjects in the experiment were essentially volunteers, all with some considerable degree of motivation either to learn Chinese or to experience programmed instruction. 8. What factors of cost, acceptability, efficiency of learning, and so forth, need to be considered in the assessment of PSI as a mode of teaching foreign languages, whether or not it is used in conjunction with regular classroom or individual teaching by a live instructor?

T h e material should be presented in contrasting patterns so that the learner can easily infer what part of each pattern has a given significance. It is believed that if this procedure is followed, it is safe to present many aspects of foreign language materials essentially as paired-associate learning tasks. If possible, pairing should be between a foreign language word and an actual or pictured referent; but a native-language approximate translation equivalent may serve as the key to the meaning.

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