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By Society for International Folk Dancing (Auth.)

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Small jump to bring feet together. Repeat A2 Bars 1-4 starting R. over L. 4 Heel Steps, turning % turn with each step; girl clockwise using L . heel, man anti-clockwise using R. heel. 1st step is towards partner, 2nd. towards opposite line, 3rd. towards adjacent couple, 4th. with back to opposite line. Repeat A2 Bars 1-8 with lines back to back (men have to change feet to commence this figure with L . F . ) . FIGURE 3 C2 Bars 1-8 Partners turn to face one another and hold both hands at shoulder level.

At same time flinging R . leg diagonally outwards and inwards at knee height (lower for g i r l s ) . 2 Hop on L . F . and kick out R . leg diagonally to R . Bar 2 Beats 1 and, 2 Step R . L . R . Repeat hopping on to R . F . and kicking out L. l e g . PRYSHEDKAS or Squatting Steps (danced by men only) NOTE: when It is important to keep h e e l s together and body upright. Care should be taken learning the step to avoid damaging a leg muscle; it is always advisable to limber up before dancing. UKRAINE HOPAK 43 Arms folded in front, held away from the body at chest l e v e l .

Tap with R . F . c l o s e to L . F . , keeping weight on L . F . and pivotting on it. Step to side with R . F . Repeat sequence stepping forward with L . F . ( L . , pivot, R . ; L . , pivot, R . e t c . ) The man's first step i s a strong one as he takes the girl by the waist. She p l a c e s her hands on his shoulders (Peasant Hold) arms are straight and both lean a little away from one another. T h e steps should be smooth with no h o p s . HOPAK UKRAINE 39 Couple dance in l . o . d . This is a suggested s e q u e n c e of figures, which may be varied as desired.

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