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oo. c. graph. 2) 3. c. graphs (note also that it easily generalizes by replacing 2 with any fixed real number p E (0, 1) ; see Exercise 2). c. graph of order m. c. graphs was known: the Paley graphs (which we will discuss below). c. graphs being both common and rare has intrigued many researchers with different backgrounds such as graph theorists, logicians, design theorists, probabilists, and geometers.

The terms "world wide web" and "internet" are often treated as syn- onymous, but they actually refer to different things. The internet is the more general term, including various physical components and hardware, as well as other aspects such as web and e-mail. 2, the internet may be viewed on various levels, such as the interdomain and routing level. Broadly speaking, the internet consists of a vast network of smaller interconnected networks, exchanging data by certain protocols. The birth of the internet is thought to be in the early 1980's, when the National Science Foundation constructed a network connecting colleges and universities.

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