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By Michael Levey

“From Giotto to Cezanne: A Concise historical past of portray Michael Levey. 549 colour illustrations. «Outstanding...accurate, loose from prejudice, consistently neat, usually stimulating. No higher advent to Western portray has eve been produced.» (The Sunday Times). « combining critical scholorship with a presentation basic adequate to curiosity the overall reader and making use of a regular of copy more than enough to make the outcome either an highbrow and a cultured pleasure.» ( the Burlington magazine).

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«Pitié pour los angeles viande! Il n''y a pas de doute, l. a. viande est l''objet le plus haut de los angeles pitié de Bacon, son seul objet de pitié, sa pitié d''Anglo-Irlandais. Et sur ce element, c''est comme pour Soutine, avec son significant pitié de Juif. los angeles viande n''est pas une chair morte, elle a gardé toutes les souffrances et pris sur soi toutes les couleurs de los angeles chair vive.

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Angels blow vast trumpets and out of a sandy desert, blasted of all vegetation, the dead begin to stretch and rise. Gloating devils, not grotesque caricatures but human and muscular, carry off the damned. The living groan and are smitten by the fire which falls from the darkened heavens. The whole scheme anticipates Michelangelo in its passionate delineation of the nude from every angle, used to express a gamut of emotions, and in its apocalyptic fury; while its sense of desolation is even deeper.

96) of i486, a riot of carpets, peacocks, fruit and furniture. Even here, a sharp-eyed little boy peers round the corner with a weird Gothic glance almost cynical. The Annunciation is a blazing farewell to the Middle Ages, to the love of linear effects and brilliant patterns, to the passion for adorning every inch of the picture area. At Venice the achievements of High the Renaissance originate with Bellini. ' The aged master was capable of a surprising pagan picture as late as 1 5 14 when he Diirer met produced the Feast of the Gods (pi.

Remains a triumph of Antonello's f4 a - manipulation of light on a much larger scale: with the saint solidly modelled, and far behind him the pale shadows and sunny surfaces of an idealised townscape animated by citizens. ; a close up of such people is the picture of the so-called Courtesans (pi. 9}) by Vittore Carpaccio (active 1490-d. 152 a Venetian genie scene where two ladies Colette might have written about enjoy a breath of fresh air on the balcony, surrounded by their pets. Antonello's architectural constructions probably had their influence on Carpaccio, and the buildings in the Preaching of St Stephen (pi.

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